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Because everyone in the world would wish for people to either be dead, have superpowers, become gods, and/or possibly have the ability to be in an anime either to ruin the plot with even more drama and/or stupidity, or to suck face with a male/female character.

I can name many reasons and I will;

The Will to be Annoying (which is a stupid wish for some)
To Have Fictional Characters come to life (which would be bad for everyone;for example if they had Sonic the Hedgehog come to life, he would cause tornados, property damage to lampposts {he'll think that it's a checkpoint}, and possibly burn houses with his fiery fart trails{the fire trails would've been caused by him eating too many chili dogs}.)
To Have Animals Turn into Pokemon (There would be more fatalities in animal accidents.)
To Have People Listen to You All the time (If you fart, people will listen to that.)
To Travel Through Time (If you watched a lot of shows with time travel backlashes{except for Meet the Robinsons, because it doesn't make any sense for time travel}
To Have People Stop Doing Something that seems Vexing or Destructive (If Vexing:You will beg for it {most people would pay for money} If Destructive: Idon't know...)

So imagination is good enough, deal with it. And wishbones suck...
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March 29, 2010
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